It’s Time to Meet The EDRÉE Girls

Welcome to The EDRÉE Experience: where high-performance hair tools meet high-end luxury and an elegant design to be shown off - not stored away.

Inspired by distant, diverse lands, every tool carries a story - and the ability to make you feel confident in your own skin (and hair!)

Because whatever your hair type and style preference, we believe beauty should be inclusive and empowering - not uniform, and restrictive.

So join us as we celebrate diversity and individuality, and let’s meet the girls to hear their stories from across the globe - afterall, they’re about to become your new hair besties.

Meet Delilah

Are vintage waves or beachy textures your go-to styles? Then Delilah is just the girl for you!

For flowing curls, whatever your hair type, the 1.25” barrel creates smooth, shiny, healthy-looking styles with precision and ease.

Delilah’s polished exterior shines against the bustling LA backdrop that she calls home. Fascinated by the city’s orchestra of symphonies and melodies - from taxi honks, to pedestrians, to laughter and birdsong - she finds pure joy and emotion in each and every note

Meet Bella

Bella’s story takes us to a quaint Italian town, where she resides and finds beauty in everything around her.

Salon-quality blowout at home? That’s Bella’s promise!

With two brush attachments included to achieve your desired level of bounce and volume, create a frizz-free classic look - without needing to visit your stylist.

Meet Loulou

Looking for your new hair bestie? Meet Loulou!

You’ll find Loulou in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. With golden skin, and effortlessly beautiful hair, she’s no stranger to experimenting with different styles - which is why this hair tool is the perfect match for her.

Whether you’re looking for sleek, straight styles, or flowy, loose curls, Loulou is your 2-in-1 multitasker. With her additional cold air functionality, you can set your style to make sure it lasts all day, and all night.

Meet Méline

Say hello to Méline - the flat-iron designed to create a sleek straight style that lasts.

Sweet like honey, Méline resides in the bustling city of Paris. She dances to her own beat, as she navigates the vibrant Parisian streets, and the highs, lows, and loves of her life. She’s known for her chic style, with her super-straight hair and classic European wardrobe.

Meet Aurélie

For those who need speedy straightening, Aurélie is the girl for you!

With 5” plates, allowing you to straighten more hair at once, and a slim design so you can get right to the root, it’s never been easier to create elegant, sleek styles.

Aurélie can be found in the serene countryside of Provence, France, where a smell of lavender floats through the breeze. Her sun-kissed golden skin mirrors the warmth of her spirit, and her style is complimented by her flowing straight locks.

Meet Suki

Looking for a straightening brush that prioritizes frizz-free, super-shine with the possibility to create sleek, wavy or blowout styles?

Suki’s got your back!

Residing in the ancient town of Kyoto, Japan, Suki is a master of the arts. With the ability to turn anything into an exquisite masterpiece, her sleek hairstyle makes her feel powerful, confident, and most importantly: like herself.

The EDRÉE girl gang’s growing in 2024 

And we can’t wait to introduce you to our new additions. 

Later this year, we’ll be launching yet more high-performance, luxury hair tools inspired by the world around us.

Picture our signature sage and olive greens, with elegant gold accents. Envision more must-haves in your styling toolbox, and a continued belief in the unity of diversity. Think even more functionality, more options, and more styles.

We’re so excited to share them with you, so stay tuned - you’re going to love them!