About Us


Who we are.

In a fusion of expertise and creativity, three visionary women established this luxury hair tools brand. Inspired by the transformative power of great hair, we crafted a collection of tools that blend sophistication with cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard for beauty.


The distinction.

Edrée embodies the harmony of timeless elegance and innovative design. The serene green hues meet the timeless charm of gold, signifying well-being as peak pleasure. Each Edrée tool carries a name from different continents, representing our commitment to unity in diversity - encapsulated in the greens, golds, and diverse tools we offer.

Born from a blend of expert design and daily user insights, our tools don't just perform – they transform spaces. Immerse yourself in the Edrée experience, where your hair undergoes a revolutionary transformation while our tools, even at rest, elevate your vanity table, workspace, and your virtual interactions to a new plane of elegance.


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